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Summer Fun With the Children and the Monks

We are having so much fun this summer in East Tennessee sharing the monks of SunShine MonkeyShines.  The libraries are especially fun for us because we get to see many of the same children year after year.  It is always so exciting to see how many children and their parents have returned to see us again and to also see how big the children have grown from one year to the next.

Is is bad when you have lost count as to how many years you have been returning to one of your favorite county libraries?   Sandy from Claybourne County Library has been the library that I have goine to every year for we think 19 years.  We both have forgotten how long it has been!  I just love to see her smiling face when I pull up to the library.  Thanks Sandy for loving to have us every year and thanks families for your wonderful support of the summer reading program in your county. 

Everyone enjoy your summer and remember you never know when you might see the SunShine MonkeyShines Monkey Mobile going down the road!   Sending love out from us here at SunShine MonkeyShines.    Love the Earth - hug a tree - plant a tree - water a tree - bless a tree - love a tree.  Earth Day is Everyday!     from Mary Lynn the monkey lady

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