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What To Expect At Jesse's Shows!

Hi, I am eager to tell you about our presentations, Since the focus of our show is on the companionship that has been built between the monkeys and me, our shows are very different from the shows that Mary Lynn and her monkeys preform for SunShine MonkeyShines. The audience gets to meet each of the stars of the show in a very different way and without a doubt you will leave with some priceless memories that will be remembered not only in photos, but in the deepest possible way. The monkeys will touch your heart and soul with their desire to engage each one of your guests so they can learn who every one is through their own special energy reading abilities.

(About The Photo)

*Louie* is acting silly and enjoying life! He is 2 years old in this photo.

I will be sharing with the audience how I started at a very

young age to gather information about "Monkeys and Apes." This is when my desire to build my life around having and sharing monkeys in an educational environment began. I then will explain how it started to blossom into something even larger, and now is going to the very top of my desires! I now am an animal wangler. That means I am the trainer and handler of my monkeys when I take them onto TV and movie sets. We not only have one movie to our credit but will be videoing our next movie in the fall of this year. It has been more than exciting for me to be experiencing this highest desire for our own "Special Mission" with the monkeys. It feels very important to me to pass this empowering message on to your special guest.

(About The Photo)

*Leroy* is 14 1/2 years old and is pictured here in Dayton for Bike Week 2014. Look at that Harley?

Wow - looking good *Leroy*!

A Mission In Life

Can Start At Anytime

I love to motivate young people to understand that a mission in life can start with a desire to learn everything that you can about something. Then before you know it, you have a pathway laid out before you to follow to fulfill one of your own special missions. This is the way that both of my careers started for me. "Motorcycles and Monkeys" are now my two loves in life. We spoke about our Motorcycle Profession on our section of the (About Us Page.) It is our desire to pass this empowering message onto your special guest as we are letting the monkeys have their special "Monkey Play Time."

(About The Photo)

This is *Leroy* all dressed up in his Organ Grinder outfit. On occasions *Jesse and Leroy* will dress up just like the "Classic Organ Grinder" that used to be on the streets of New York City and perform this type of presentation. Please call for more information about our unique type of "Organ Grinder Entertainment" for TV/Video, print and movie productions. Jesse will also perform this type of entertainment for other special events for a limited time.

Great Photo Opportunities

Louie loves to ride with me on my motorbike and Leroy loves to look at me and watch and learn so many of the things that I do. You will soon see why these two boys are so popular to see and watch as they are engaging the audience in the things that they love to do.

You will have many opportunities to snap some great photos during the show. It might be when Leroy is playing dead or maybe when Louie is shaking everyone's hand. I am not sure what it might be but I do know that they will leave you with some wonderful memories of when the monkeys came to your special event. Back to About Us

Enjoy All Of The Photos Of

*Louie* and *Leroy*


The Following Questions May Be Helpful

When You Are Making Your Decision About

Having A Monkey Party With

"The Little Stars of SunShine MonkeyShines."


What are your stage and setup requirements?

We would appreciate having help to bring our props and monkey cages in to your location and out to our show-van after the presentation.

What is the best possible size of group for your show?

We prefer to keep our show to a moderate size group. If we are doing a private party in a home I often will tell the host or hostess that if there are around 10 children then we can spend individual time with each of them. Sissy and Louie love to share themselves. If we are doing a school presentation and they wish for us to show to all of the students we will do several shows in order to keep the groups to a moderate amount, usually 200 children per show. When we do school shows we always take this into account when pricing the back to back shows.

Where will you set up in our home or building?

When we come into your home, fellowship hall or special room, I tell people to open up the room and we like to be in a corner so that our umbrella pole will be in a corner. The colorful umbrella serves as our backdrop for photos, and the show set and the area behind the umbrella will serve as out backstage area for the cages and other things that we use to carry out props in with. Remember that we do not need light coming from behind our set up area because the light will not work out well for your photos.

Will I need chairs for the children to watch your show?

We always like to have children seated down on the floor. We bring a way of marking off the show area so you will know where the children will be. The adults will take the seats, couches, and pillows behind the children who will be located on the floor.

Will you need electricity for your show?

We bring everything that we will need except electricity for fans in the extreme heat or heaters in the extreme cold weather. Some people will choose to place us in garage areas for home parties, and they are instructed to help us with this when we are in those extreme conditions with our weather.

Where will you set up in our home?

Throughout the years we also have set up in hallways - in kitchens – in trailers - in banks - in cafeterias - in classrooms - in bonus rooms – just about everywhere possible to gather people. It really doesn't seem to matter because we still have fun and make wonderful memories for ever person that is present. We are able to be very flexible and can adjust to the area in which you wish for us to do our shows.

Will me need to remove the dogs, cats, birds and other animals that are in our house for our show?

We do request that you please remove any dogs that might bark during the show or while we are bringing in the monkeys. So please think about this before we arrive. The other animals do not usually present a problem for the monkeys. The dogs seems to make them become very unsettled, and this could make your show not be as good as we would all wish it to be.

Will you need a special place to park your show van?

A place to park close to the door is always really nice. The helpers who will be asked to help with bringing in the props and the monkey cages will also appreciate this if it is cold, raining or extremely hot.

Will the monkeys mess up my house while they are doing the show?

The monks wear diapers and I bring all of the proper trash bags and clean up things for our set-up area after the show. We hope you will not even notice that we have been there with real live monks in your home or special event location.

Special Note:

I promise you will be so surprised how much fun it will be to have my "monkey companions" visit for your special event or lifetime celebration. Please check your calendar and choose your date and then call us for our availability!

About Directions:

Thanks in advance for getting the directions to your home or building before we come. We use GPS but still like to know where we will be coming with the monks.

We really do

"Educate and Entertain"

With Real Monkeys

Enjoy seeing more photos and then visit the

to learn more about our unique business and

monkey presentations.

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