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 All About SunShine MonkeyShine's Monkey Families

Mary Lynn's Monkey Family

Our current family consists of 8 monkeys. They have been donated for various reasons, ranging from retired organ grinder monkeys, unsuccessful pets, and some have even been retired from laboratories. Each of them came with their special personalities, which have been shaped by past life experiences, both good and bad.

      We of course could be called a "Monkey Rescue" but we prefer to always remember that our monkey's previous owners have chosen to select us to give there monkeys a happy fulfilled life with other monkeys. They have been loved and cared about and the decision to share them with us was not an easy one to make. So we always say to others as we start our Monkey Presentation that, "We Give Homes To Monkeys instead of saying we are a Monkey Rescue Facility."

(About The Photo)

*Maggie Mae* and *Baby Silly Willy* They were 16 years old and 18 weeks old in this photo. Maggie is 21 and Silly Willy is 7 years old.

About The Monkeys With Mary Lynn

We have 2 different types of monkeys.Our blended family includes 8 monkeys, 2 hard working humans, and 2 cats. Our family shares our traveling "monkey mobile," which is a 28 ft. motor home and our home in Eastern Tennessee.

      *Maggie Mae*, *Pincher*, *Opielocka*, *Silly Willy* and *Pixie* are all black capped Capuchin monkeys. The three remaining monkeys are *Sissy* who is our black and white Capuchin monkey, *Sophie*, who is our wedge-capped, Capuchin monkey and of course our little bundle of joy, *Chewbacca*, who is our soon to be 18 year old Common Marmoset.

One of the things that I have said often is that "I never need to worry about who will come or leave because I only need to let God be totally in charge of the monkeys, who are destined to come to be part of the famous troupe of monkeys. The same thing happened with Jesse too. God knew that I needed someone to share this unique experience with and Jesse, *Louie* and *Leroy* were perfectly selected for me, by Him.

(About The Photo)

*Pincher,* in the photo, is 19 years old and is now 24 years old and is the Granddaddy of my troupe.

Care of the Monkeys

   We are inspected regularly by the USDA in order to maintain our credentials to be able to come into contact with groups of people. They also help us often with many other things such as our caging changes, enhancement ideas, and how to handle the monks during floods, tornadoes, and events like that. I could write many pages about how they have helped me. They have been apart of my life as long as the monkeys have.

     Blankets, food, water, healthy snacks, toys, diapers and wipes make my world go around for the 8 monkeys that live with me. I have two different troupes of monkeys at the present time. I have the "Toddlers" and then I also have a troupe of "Teens." I try to limit the younger troupe member's time with the older troupe to a short period. It is my wish that the younger monks do not learn some of the older monkey's tricks and ways before it is their time to learn. 

My monks are happy, healthy, and love to eat, sleep, play, watch TV, and fuss at each other whenever I am not looking. Cuddling up with me or each other is their favorite thing to do besides grooming This is the most relaxing part of their day because they are so busy with all of the enrichment that is around them. They are not crazy about cartoons but really love the nice selection of animal movies that I have available for their enjoyment as they are going into their nap times or to sleep at night. They know they are spoiled, loved and that they are almost my entire life.

The monkeys that go to the shows with me look forward to going to our presentations. They also know they will have their time to show off and do their part of the show. The monkeys know what my words mean and that makes it great for all of us especially when it is time for "Treaty-Time" during the shows.

I know that the monkeys do not have a voices as we do but they do talk to me all of the time and of course, I talk back to them in monkey talk such as,, "Woo-woo-woo-woo" and lip smacks that go "smack-smack- smack." Their "grunt-grunt grunt" sound and the wonderful high pitch "Woo - woo - woo" is always used when they see their Daddy driving into the driveway is understood perfectly by me. Life is never boring here at SunShine MonkeyShines, and I love my hairy monkey family.

The mind to mind connections are amazing between the monkeys and me. When I started writing the "Living With Monkeys" books I was able to put into words so many wonderful experiences that I have had during the 25 years of being their caregiver.Many of you may wish to go to and get more information about the book and how to order your downloadable copy.

(About the Photo)

*Sissy* was 11 years old in this photo and she is now 17 years old.  


@(o_o)@ Jesse's Monks @(o_o)@

Jesse's Monkey Family

Monkeys are definitely not for everyone that's for sure, but I'm so happy everyday that the stepping stones took me to this time and place where I get to share my life with them. I love making wonderful memories with my best-friends (who are my monkeys!) lol... It just so happens that I not only get to live this great life with them, but I also get to share a glimpse of my life for you and your guest which brings me so much more happiness.

(About The Photo)

*Leroy* is 14 years old in this photo. He doesn't get a sucker very often but this day was a special day for him. He was such a good boy he was rewarded with a very special treat!

About The Monkeys With Jesse

I have presently 2 black-capped Capuchin monkeys. *Louie* is a hand raised monkey who has lived with me since he came to me at 7 weeks old. He and I are very attacked to each other and enjoy our long periods of time together doing all sorts of things. He loves to ride on my shoulder and neck and will choose to stay their as we are experiencing life together.

*Louie* is an extremely smart little guy who loves learning new things. He loves to have his tummy rubbed many times during the day and loves to meet everyone who we come close to during the days at the tracks. He just turned two years old.

We are not sure if Louie will be gifted with the tufts of hair like *Leroy* has on the top of his head. It will be several more years until we will start to see the signs of them possibly starting to form. He is such a joy in my life and I have been so happy that he has taken to being such a wonderful "Monkey Companion." Many monkeys would not choose to share themselves with the world and me as he does. *Louie* is a happy, well adjusted monkey and is enjoying having *Leroy* to boss around!

I am not aware of *Leroy's* earlier life history. I do know that he was first raised as a pet monkey in someone's home. He left that home and then went to live with an older couple who loved him very much. He lived with a troupe of different types of Capuchin and was not happy with being the only monkey that did not speak the same language. While he was there the couple trained him in a very specialized type of training. He is 14 years old.

(About The Photo)

*Louie* is 2 years old in this photo. He is the youngest monkey in our troupe.

Care Of The Monkeys

This is something that I especially love to talk about, since they are my "Monkey Companions." Traveling with my two wonderful monkeys has been absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. I am of course a young man that did not grow up in a typical type of family life so being able to have my monkeys full time is just perfect.

I started traveling on the racing circuit when I was 16 years old with stops home with my family about 7 times per year, so having a hairy family has been so much fun for not only them but for me too. When it is time for us to have a time back at home. it is so much fun to see how the monkeys get so excited to see the rest of their family. 

 I have been so lucky to meet a huge amount of monkey owners, zoo owners and trainers, and many vets as I have been traveling. So far, we have never had an occasion to need a vet for an emergency but we do have a network of them lined up to help us keep the necessary transport papers current as we go from one state to the next.

To be a good monkey caregiver it is necessary to be prepared for everything that could happen while I am either at home or traveling. My show hauler and my home is stocked with all of the necessary vitamins, food, and formula of course for *Louie.* There are lots of enrichment toys, blankets, leads, diapers and diaper covers too. The two boys also have run type cages where they can have lots of time out of their diapers so they can enjoy grooming each other and playing together. Monkeys love to do many things but there are three things that are their very favorite things to do. They love to eat, play and snuggle up so they can groom each other..

*Leroy* and *Louie,* love to hang out in the shop area as my mechanic and I are working on the bikes. I could not have matched the two boys up any better. The are very good with each other and do not get into trouble often at all.

*Louie* loves to take showers with me and *Leroy* prefers me to give him his bath in the bathtub. They eat the best possible foods, they drink healthy drinks and lots of water. They also love to watch TV and hang out with my family and cuddle up with their blankets. Toys are their favorite things other than their blueberries. Without a doubt they are very clean, well feed, happy monks who are loved by many people other than just me. They have wonderful happy life and love to show off for people.

We just like *Mary Lynn,* must go through inspections times throughout the year with USDA inspectors. We are thankful for all of their help and for them bring to our attention the most current rules and regulations that are required for us to follow and become aware of. They are just apart of our lives as the monkeys are. 

(About The Photo)  

*Louie* and *Jesse* are playing together. These two are always together! *Louie* is age 2

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