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Blast From The Past

Hi from SunShine MonkeyShines

Just had to write and tell you about what happened on Saturday night. My good friend Lisa and I were out having some fun together after our party on Saturday evening and we decided to go into Ross Department Store. We made our selections and Lisa paid for our purchases while I ran back to look one more time at a rack of dresses.

As I was walking back towards the checkout lane a young woman recognized me and said with enthusiasm, “ I know you do not remember me but you brought your monkeys to my birthday party when I was 5 years old. I am twenty years old now. I have remembered that birthday party forever.”

The smiling young woman reached down and brought up her phone and started using it and then turned the phone towards me. I stared at the photo of her at age five and my sweet monkey Polly (who is deceased) and myself. She had actually kept the photo close at hand and was sharing it with me now.

I can only say one thing during my 25th anniversary year that express my feelings after this priceless moment in time, “I will remember her excitement and what she did and said forever. She gifted me and I was so honored to know that without a doubt,

We truly make memories that will last forever” Mary Lynn - enjoy!

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