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Hope the summer is going great for you and your families.  Can you believe it it is just a short time until July 4th.  Wow, the summer is going by so fast. 

We have been enjoying visiting with so many groups this summer but I wanted to share this very special "Thank You" that came from Holly after we visited her daughter Lauren for her 8th birthday party.  


Hi Mary Lynn.

     I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. Lauren LOVED you and the monkeys. I was so happy that this was a first for all of the kids. It was a special treat that you allowed Lauren and a few of us to spend some additional time with one of the monkeys. I know it was a once in a lifetime experience for most of us! My house probably wasn't ideal but you made it work! We all appreciate your love and care for these monkeys that otherwise may not be given a chance.

Thank you again!!

Love - Holly 

This message made my heart sing as much as getting a hug from her daughter Lauren!

Enjoy you summer everyone!   Mary Lynn



We Truly Make Memories That Will Last Forever! 



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