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About  Us (Mary Lynn  and  Jesse)

      Meet *Mary Lynn*

Meet Mary Lynn - 

* Mary Lynn *  is  a native  of Eastern  Tennessee.   For the

past  twenty - five  years  she has  combines  animal  care and showmanship with  her

unique presentations.   You

never  know  when  you  may 

see  her   and   the   monkeys   driving   down  t he   road   or see   them   on   TV   or  hear about  them  on  the   radio.     She   has   had   many  opportunities throughout  the  years  to  visit  with thousands of people since her theme is to educate everyone about    Monkey and Apes through an entertaining type of presentation. *Mary Lynn* has traveled all over the  southeast  touching  the  hearts of  many with the monkeys from SunShine MonkeyShines. 

 A Personal Note From Mary Lynn - 2016 began our 27th year of Educating and Entertaining with our wonderful monkeys. I am  honored to share them in such a positive unique way. Captive primates are a gift to us all.  I have always been  glad that we have been able to open our home to so many different monkeys during the last years.  It is always stressed at every event that Monkeys and Apes" are simply not good pets.

  I would like to say thanks to all of you who have patronized our business for all of these years (send photos) and  thanks  in  advance  to  all  of you  new people who will be seeing us for the first time, in the days, months, and years to come.

 I have always loved how I share the monkeys of SunShine MonkeyShines. They are very special Monkeys on a Mission,” who always bring lots of love, joy, and  happiness  wherever  they  go.

 Thank you for taking the time to visit us here.Please continue to remember us in your thoughts and prayers as  monkeys  come  in  and

out of  our  lives.  Love, from Mary Lynn  (Mary's Shows)

   Meet *Jesse*

Meet Jesse Moore -

*Jesse* is from the Cleveland,

Ohio area and is one of the youngest   educators   and 

entertainers of monkeys in country. He started studying

and   gathering   information

about primates,when he was  

growing up in Ohio.  He  like "Mary Lynn" has  always known  his  life would be different from most, due to his early life experiences.

He has not only spent his life learning about monkeys and apes  but he also grew up as a Amateur Motocross Racer. He quickly found that he had a real talent  for  the  sport  and  soon  started  excelling  and  is  still finding time to work as a Professional Motocross and Supercross Racer.

Because of the traveling in his racing business, he has been able to also build a wonderful network of fellow animal trainers, educators and entertainers to study and learn from for the past seven years. He has not only worked with other people that have trained and lived with monkeys for their lifetimes, but he has also been well versed with learning the special techniques of being able to train other larger types of animals such as bears, lions, and tigers.

 Monkeys have always been *Jesse's* first love and he was able to become a monkey owner of his own monkey by the age of thirteen.

Currently he is balancing both businesses very well and enjoying showing his wonderful troop of star-performing "monkey companions"  in his very own SunShine MonkeyShines presentations. He will not only be doing the different types of presentations listed on our web site here, but he will also be doing monkey wrangling for spots on TV and movie sets with his very special monkeys, who are smart and extremely talented. 

 *A Personal Note From *Jesse* - Hi everyone. I am very excited about being the youngest primate handler, entertainer and educator, working in the special events, TV/Video,Print, and Movie Production business. I feel very blessed and lucky for the life I get to live.

 Because of my two professions, I can truly say there is not anyone else out there that can say they are a Professional Supercross Racer and a primate trainer. As I write this down it sounds very bazaar, doesn't it?

 I feel that because of the large crowds that I have been around in the racing business my monkeys have received a very special,one of a kind, type of training. So now, when we are around more intimate groups of people, they are very comfortable and know that it is show time and that means  "Monkey Play Time"  for them.  They know that it is time to  show off some of the special things they love to do.

I am especially happy knowing that wherever we go there will be many of your friends and family members who will walk away with wonderful memories that we have helped them make. I love what I do and I know you will see that it is true in the shows. I can help you create life long memories with our presentation at your special event. 

Thanks from Jesse

                                              (Jesse's Shows)


  There  is  so  much  more  to  learn  about  our  unique  business.   Please continue to enjoy our site and learn more about all of the   new missions that we are on with our monkeys.  

 Yes, we really do  

Educate and Entertain 

with real monkeys.

 (Our Mission)

  To read the article which is pictured below click the following link: 



  Jesse Moore and "His Special Lady"  Danielle Whitely            with *Peanut* and *Lincoln*

  Chilling...at the track with Louie

One of the Fairgoers enjoying some special moments with the  special monkey Lincoln.  MonkeyMan Moore loves to allow Lincoln to share himself with people for a  special "Kodak Moment.

      These are memories that will last                                 forever!

  Please remember to go to (Jesse's Shows) page to see more photos and enjoy learning more about his unique presentations.